Healthy competition and collaboration for everyone

Engagement more important than kilometers

Game uses scientific gamification methods

Exchange kilometers into charity donations

Over 600 companies used Activy in office, brand and city challenges

Happy and healthy workplace starts on the way to the office

Better health

of employees notice that regular cycling brings better health and less sick days


of program participants want to join the next edition of the contest


of cyclists feel that they work more efficiently, thanks to bike commuting

Companies and employees about Activy:
„We wanted to introduce something up-to-date and attractive for our IT departament and younger generation. Simultaneously we cared about health promotion as a part of Good Life Academy”
Kate NierodaRobert Bosch
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„You had a perefct idea with this project. This allowed me to achieve a couple goals at once: do something good for charity, improve my physical condition, play with my colleagues and finally lose a few kilograms what seemed impossible :) Thanks!”
SimonEmployee of Santander Bank
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Finally, a cycling challenge in which not only kilometers count


For each ride above 1,5km


For each kilometer

up to 900pts

Streak bonuses


For ride to/from work

You can customize points and rules system to adjust the character of the game. If your office is hard to reach by bike you can lower the bonus for biking to work. Then the game will be focused more on sport and health rather than cycling transportation to/from work.

One tool for many goals

Promote health, be a sustainable company, start CSR challenge


Download the app and turn cycling into a game