A cycling game for everyone. Not only kilometers count, but your enthusiasm and motivation

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Healthy habit

The Activy Engage scientific method will help you maintain regularity or start your physical activity.


It's a game for everyone - from city biker to triathlon player, it's the first topic of conversations in the kitchen :)


Bicycle combines sport and transport. You will build a healthy habit, and lack of time will stop being an excuse.

Download the app and turn cycling into a motivational game


Build a new habit, start a new passion, have fun or encourage your friends to switch to bicycles

    Beginner cyclist

    For me, Activy is an example of good gamification - the app is friendly and functional, encourages to next rides or next kilometers. The competition has motivated me to almost daily rides to the office and beyond. I also motivated other people from our company.



    I joined Activy mainly for fun - I was motivating teammates to do the same, the competition was a nice chance to integrate. We thought that it's great to compete in a team - as added a few more kilometers, we were able to overtake the next participants. In the beginning, I had a goal of 3 500 km, but then I started to race with a friend. The desire to compete and win has become so big that I eventually rode almost 5000 km :)



    The game has a big impact on human consciousness. The application itself is legible and has no problems with operation. In addition to helping others and playing with friends from work, the app made me start cycling very regularly. To the extent that I have a bike in the car almost permanently, and whenever there is an opportunity to ride somewhere, I do it.


Activy is not a sports app, it's an addictive game.

More important than detailed statistics is fun for everyone






  • Professional training diary with advanced statistics
  • Sports community that motivates for better results
  • An addictive bike game not only for pros, based on competitions
  • Motivation for more frequent driving, especially to and from work. Often way to return to physical activity


  • Similar, depending on the phone model and the GPS signal, not the app. Running apps like Endomondo overestimate the distance at stops
  • Autopause (sometimes only in paid version)
  • Integration with watches and GPS devices
  • Route map visible to others (off switch option), no protection against easy cheating
  • Similar, depends on the phone model and the GPS signal, not the app. Resistance to overestimation at stops
  • Usual manual pause, the system of restoring the journey after problems of the phone/GPS
  • Available integration with Strava, other coming soon
  • Routes invisible to other players, anti-fraud system (AI + man)


  • Extensive, professional statistics
  • setting and tracking personal goals
  • Simple, legible statistics
  • personal goals by July 2019


  • Competitions based on kilometers and times
  • Time rankings on sections in Strava or setting a simple challenge (Endomondo)
  • Competitions based on points for rides, kilometers, commuting to the office, regularity, challenges
  • Extensive rankings, joining teams, groups, player comparisons; personalization of company's challenges, counting km for charity, shop with BikeCoins
  • Gamification: levels, badges, challenges; from August 2019, discovering challenges and hidden surprises on the map


  • Organization with a sports app requires manual collection and grouping of data, very time-consuming
  • Other sports activities are possible, e.g. running
  • A proven gamification model that engages everyone, regardless of sport performance
  • Full company statistics for editions, ready reports from challenges
  • Personalization of the contest, scenarios and promotional materials, communication with players
  • Models of reward and helpdesk handling the competition by supervisor from Activy

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You won't even notice when you give up stress and a car

You will take care of your physical condition and have fun

You don't need extra time to be fit

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