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Company cycling challenge
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Simple tool - multiple goals

Engagement, health, ecology, CSR
Our Goals

Join Kate and Anne and 22 198 other Activy players.

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One program - multiple goals

Increase of engagement

Employees get into the game, they gladly talk about it, integrate with other departaments, compete and collaborate.

One program - multiple goals

Health promotion

Even small physical activity improves health and well-being, leading to increase effectiveness at work. Bicycle is the simplest and safest form of activity for everyone.

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Care for the environment and health

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One program - multiple goals


We are for ecological commuting to work. By choosing a bike instead of a car we decrease the production of CO2 and the app reports our positive influence.

How does it work?

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

We combine a cycling challenge with real help. Our mission is to change the world for the better, which is why we encourage our clients to activate CSR initiatives. The app converts kilometers into donations to charity. It motivates employees to cycle more.

Step 1

You decide on a budget and charity to support

Step 2

We set conversion factor from kilometers to money

Step 3

You see the value in € of each ride completed

Step 4

We handle the money transfer with one invoice

Activy helps users and companies through fun

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86% of Millenials claims that success of a company should be measured in something more than revenue

The 2017 Deloitte Milennial Survey



Every 1€ invested in health of employee brings the company on average 3,70€ of profit.

PwC Saratoga Human Capital Benchmarking studies



50kg of CO2 a month is what a cyclist saves on average if he cycles to work regularly.

Own calculations based on the app

Well-being tool

It's simple and proven well-being solution ready in few days

  • We supply tested contest scenarios and provide helpdesk for users.
  • We set up a project template and you'll receive a landing page and promo materials.
  • You don't have to ride a bike (though it's encouraged!) or be familiar with technology to join.
  • 600+companies
  • 20 000+users
  • 1.4 mln+rides


Bike to Work Activy challenges will help you achieve multiple goals

    Increased engagement

    Easy to use app, suitable points and prizes system quickly motivated more people to join the challenge. During three months we had a team of 100 cyclists, first one like this in Bosch!

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    Health program

    In Santander, our program has been complemented by the internal Health-for-Bank program implemented for many years. The Bike Challenge competition involved 645 employees (not just athletes!). And thus broke the record of activities previously organized in the company.

    CSR initiatives

    The aim of the program was to support CSR activities, promote a healthy lifestyle among employees and promote the product. For each kilometer Allianz Polska donated a subsidy to the SOS Children's Villages Association. Participants had the chance to win attractive prizes in one of the five selected categories.

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You know all the cost in advance. We customize the contest for you

10-19 players, minimum 3 monthss
12 EURperson / month
  • You can signup more than one team
  • Access to Ligue of Companies
  • Team and company stats & reports
  • Promootional materials
Start now!
20-79 players, minimum 3 months
9 EURperson / month
  • Custom reporting, stats, contest website
  • Promotional package customized
  • CSR feature - kilometers to EUR
  • Personalized communication
  • Dedicated customer assistance
  • Awarding scenarios and consulting
80+ players, minimum 3 months
7 EURperson / month
  • You can signup more than one team
  • Access to Ligue of Companies
  • Team and company stats & reports
  • Promootional materials

Custom pricing depends on: size of the company, number of offices and localizations, time of the contest (from 2 to 5 months), company’s industry, role of Activy team in buying, producing and distributing of the awards or promotional materials, extra custom challenges or actions


How to launch it?

This is a ready solution that doesn't take extra time

  • Introducing the details0.5 - 1.5h of your time
  • Preparing the game2-4h of your time
  • We implement the project2-3h per month of your time

Introducing the details

0.5 - 1.5h of your time

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We will help you effectively engage employees in caring for health and CSR actions

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